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Aeva Black

Open Source Hacker, Azure Office of the CTO
Seattle, WA
Once described as "an ancient and powerful open source dragon," Aeva Black is a dot-com veteran, an open source hacker, and a queer and non-binary geek. They work in the Azure Office of the CTO to improve the state of open source software supply chain security, and to support teams working on cloud security and digital privacy. Back in 2012, they launched OpenStack's Bare Metal Cloud program, enabling performance-sensitive cloud native workloads to run without a hypervisor.

Aeva currently serves on the Board of the Open Source Initiative, the non-profit which stewards the definition of "open source", and works within several other foundations including the Confidential Computing Consortium and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Aeva is a lifelong student of the buddha dharma and an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. They served for several years on the Board of the Consent Academy, a Seattle-area educational non-profit, and were recently published in Transcending, an anthology of trans buddhist authors.

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